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dcp00031.jpg (85908 bytes) Woodville Mart is our shop specialising in original ceramics, tools, collectables and pre-used household items.   dcp00022.jpg (84153 bytes)
There are many hundreds of items in our shop, including an extensive selection of original metal and wooden tools. Ceramics include Beswick, Carlton Ware, Clarice Cliff, Crown Devon, Crown Lynn, Palissy, Poole, Royal Doulton, Shelley, Shorter & Son, Susie Cooper, Sylvac, Wadeheath.  

Woodville Mart is based in Woodville, New Zealand. Many of our items are sourced from an established network of contacts throughout New Zealand. We have over 21 years experience in sourcing and retailing original ceramics, tools and collectables. 

dcp00021.jpg (82140 bytes) We have selected only a fraction of our stock to display on our Web site.  Please contact us should you require more detail about what we have or what we can source for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Woodville Mart, 53 Vogel Street,  Woodville, NEW ZEALAND
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